Purse Peeves: Shoulder Straps That Aren’t Long Enough

short handbag shoulder strap

Shoulder straps, whether they’re one option or the only option, are one of the most important details I look for in a bag. Years ago, when I began buying more and more handbags, I tended to buy bags purely based on how they looked, instead of their functional details. As I began to delve into the handbag world more and review bags more closely, I realized the importance of a good shoulder strap.

Maybe my obsession with finding a great shoulder strap that’s usable and comfortable isn’t as important to others, though; some of the most popular handbags on the market have unusable straps.

I know this is a problem with so many more bags than the two I’m going to talk about here, so please let me know which bags have given you problems in the comments below. This issue reared its head when I did a purseonals on my Givenchy Antigona; it’s a bag I adore that happens to have a short shoulder strap.


The strap on my Antigona is so short that if I try to put it over my shoulder. the top handles poke into me. And if I push the handles back, it just looks awkward. Another bag that I know has this issue is the Balenciaga City Bag. I also love this bag, but the shoulder strap is tight and really doesn’t sit on my shoulder comfortably. A friend of mine recently told me that the short strap is the reason she’s never bought a City Bag. Instead, she prefers the Balenciaga Town, which has a longer strap.

So what’s the deal? Why do some of the most popular bags not have shoulder straps that are comfortably usable? I can’t think of a good reason, and that bothers me. I can sometimes look beyond it because the design of a particular bag is something I adore overall, but I can’t deny that a short shoulder strap is a major purse peeve.

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Sarah Paulson is Kurt Geiger’s Latest Famous Fan


Actress Sarah Paulson recently drummed up a little publicity for her work on American Horror Story: Freak Show on Good Morning America. She looks resplendent here, and she’s wearing a hot red pair of the increasingly popular Kurt Geiger Britton Suede Pumps. You can find a similar red patent leather pair at Nordstrom for $450.

I don’t feel like the media is paying enough attention to Sarah Paulson’s fashion game. Here she is at the AHS:FS premiere back in October in another A+ ensemble. Incorporating a pair of these trendy Kurt Geigers into her whole “sexy secretary” look was a stroke of fashion genius. On a related note, I don’t think I’ve ever liked a turtleneck so much in my entire life.

Shoe Deals for the Weekend of January 23

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Maybe it was the Monday holiday that threw me a bit off schedule, but I can’t believe it’s already Friday. Around here, we all know why we love Fridays: shoe deals! Sale season is still going strong, and you’ll find a variety of styles on sale, like boots to wear not or sandals and flats to save for the warmer months ahead. Either way, you’ll find some great sale shoes below, and if you still aren’t satisfied, be sure also to check out our Deals Page!

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Pre-Fall 2015 Shoes

As we gear up for the Fall 2015 shows at New York Fashion Week, which start in just a couple of weeks (February 12-19 to be exact), we do have some gorgeous footwear to tide us over from the Pre-Fall 2015 collections. You’ll notice some major patterns emerging; some good and, well, some maybe not so good.

Flat footwear isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, and it looks like “athleisure”, will still be having a major moment as you’ll see from Fendi. Thigh-high boots and cutout sandals are also becoming increasingly popular, and they have the potential to become even bigger come the Fall 2015 collections. Instead of Rockstuds, Valentino looks to colorblocking stripes, Gucci delves into androgynous styles like loafers and lace-up booties and Stella McCartney keeps to her platformed lug soles.

Sadly, Pre-Fall 2015 is also the last show that bore the direct influence of the late Oscar de la Renta, and like de la Renta is known for, you can expect to see his signature vivid colors and floral cutouts. There’s a lot more where this came from below, so be sure to check out some of the best shoes from the Pre-Fall 2015.

Jennifer Lopez Matches a Conservative Look with Louboutin Pumps


Here’s Jennifer Lopez, leaving the HuffPo Live studios in NYC in a pair of colorfully stripedChristian Louboutin Bandy Pumps. The Bandys are essentially a So Kate with multicolor PVC insets. You can find J-Lo’s exact pumps right now for $1,045 at Nordstrom. (That certainly doesn’t happen every day. J-Lo’s designer wares are frequently too new or too exclusive to find online.)

Ms. Lopez is currently making the press rounds to promote her steamy new flick, The Boy Next Door, which is her first new film in two years. As it happens, this is our second J-Lo sighting in so many days. We saw her in a much more casual ensemble and a pair of customized Giuseppe Zanotti Leopard Sneakers earlier this week.

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PurseBlog Asks: What Would You Like To See Us Cover More?

Saks Shopping

I can’t tell you how much I’ve loved getting to share my love of handbags with you for almost ten years now. It’s pretty crazy to think that PurseBlog will turn ten this year, and it’s thanks to you that we’ve made it this far.

One of our major goals is to offer a wide variety of handbag coverage, including sneak peeks at new designs, handbag news and raves over our favorite pieces. When it comes down to a couple of humans picking things to write about, though, there will always be a bias. I’ve been on a Chanel kick lately (if you follow our Instagram account, you will see how intense it is!), and I’m also a major Gucci fanatic.

We try to provide as much variety as possible, but I am sure we’re missing some brands you love. We want to give you the most well-rounded experience when you visit our site, so I want to hear what brands or stories you’d like to see us cover more. Also, if there are features you love or new angles you’d love to see us cover, let us know. Tell us anything in the comments below; we love to hear from you! We will read all of the comments and do our best to integrate the best suggestions into PurseBlog.