Rihanna Steps Out in Timberlands and a Louis Vuitton Bag

Rihanna Timberland Classic Boots

Here’s Rihanna, enjoying an evening out in NYC wearing and carrying three of her fave fall fashion staples: Timberland Classic Boots, the Louis Vuitton Frank Gehry Twisted Box Bag and that fuzzy pink coat. Timbs have been a streetwear trend for ages, but they’ve recently been embraced by high-end fashion types, at least in part because of Rihanna’s endorsement. (She’s one of a very small handful of stars that can move an entire industry with her choices.) You can currently find a pair like Rihanna’s for $180 at Nordstrom.

Louis Vuitton Mens Shoes

Ri-Ri has been relying rather heavily on that tiny Louis Vuitton bag as of late. We’ve seen her carrying it three times in so many weeks, including the time she was dressed as a sexy Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle for Halloween. You can see more of Rihanna’s best designer handbag and shoe choices in “The Many Bags of Rihanna,” “The Many Bags of Rihanna, Part 2″ and “The Many Shoes of Rihanna,” respectively.

Haley Bennett Wears Head-to-Toe Louis Vuitton at Premiere

Haley Bennett Louis Vuitton Mary Janes

Here’s actress Haley Bennett, attending the premiere of The Equalizer in NYC. Her entire outfit is Louis Vuitton Resort 2015, right down to those pale pink Louis Vuitton Ankle Strap Mary Janes. Even if we didn’t have that sort of intel, it’s obvious that this is a complete runway look, but I don’t feel it translates well on a young twenty-something starlet. These shoes are currently only available in Louis Vuitton stores.

I rarely just go off on a shoe, but the construction of these heels looks pretty slight. The giant logo buttons are apropos, and the upper design is pretty solid–until you get to the ankle, and then things start to (perhaps literally) fall apart. The heels look like they are about to fold over on themselves, and it’s impossible to tell if the uppers are made of suede or something cheaper. In any case, it’s not holding up well to wear. Try again, Louis Vuitton!

Louis Vuitton Designs New York-Inspired Shoe Exclusive to Saks

Louis Vuitton Exclusive Shoe for Saks Fifth Avenue

You might not think of Louis Vuitton as a shoe brand, but the brand would like you to reconsider your assumptions. Not only did Vuitton open up its first-ever independent shoe salon on the redesigned footwear floor at New York City’s Saks Fifth Avenue flagship a couple of seasons ago, but now LV is paying tribute to America’s fashion capital in a pair of fabulous pumps. Be quick, though – they’re limited edition.

Thankfully, the Louis Vuitton Exclusive Shoe for Asks Fifth Avenue manages to be a glittering tribute to NYC without having, say, an embroidered Statue of Liberty or something else super literal and obvious. Instead, Vuitton went the sophisticated route with a beautiful brocade in metallic neutrals, topping off with a crystal-encrusted bow and heel. The shoe looks rich and special, and the glow of the combined metallics does indeed recall the Manhattan skyline at dusk.

Not only that, but these shoes very much look like the thing a certain type of die-hard New Yorker wears. If you’ve spent any time on the Upper East Side of Manhattan (west of Lexington, natch), you know who I’m talking about – stately women on who wear brocade to breakfast. If you think that could be you, swing by Saks’ NYC flagship – the shoes, which retail for $1,220, are only available there, and there are only 70 pairs to be had. If you’ve ever been to Saks’ shoe floor on a Saturday, you know how quickly they will probably disappear.

Fashion Week Shoes: Louis Vuitton Spring

So it looks like fashion is going to try and make mules happen again, perhaps because that’s the only shape that the industry hasn’t encouraged us to buy in the last three years and the powers that be are running out of ideas. The first mention of the possible trend I remember was a tweet from Elle fashion person extraordinaire Joe Zee during Milan Fashion Week, and now both Louis Vuitton and Miu Miu have both shown them during the same day.

Louis Vuitton Spring 2012 relied on variations of the shape almost entirely, and although I like a lot of the lines and color combinations that Marc Jacobs used, I just can’t support the mule as a good option for anything more than a few moments’ wear. From a practical standpoint, their incredibly dangerous to walk in and give the wearer basically no support, which is important when dealing with heels of such a precarious height. If you plan to buy into this trends, I suggest doing some ankle-strengthening exercises while you wait for this trend to show up at retail.


Fashion Week Shoes: Louis Vuitton Fall

There are winners and losers in ever fashion season, but now that the last show has walked and the last runway vacated, the kings and queens of Fall 2011 are beginning to emerge. Unquestionably, Marc Jacobs sits atop that list for both his celebrated eponymous collection and his immaculate set of upscale fetish gear for Louis Vuitton Fall 2011. The pre-show notes indicated that Jacobs had been thinking about hedonism, addiction and excess when he conceived this collection, and what could hit that note more precisely than wildly expensive, perilously tall knee-high rubber boots?

Nothing, that’s what. The collection included an entire range of vertiginous, thick-heeled shoes with a note of kink that looked like something Bettie Page might have worn. The sexual discipline was more apparent in some designs than others, and the vast majority of the footwear was subtle enough to wear in everyday life if you can handle the height. On the other hand, some of the designs definitely weren’t – the rubber boots and pumps that tied all the way up the leg were not for the faint of heart. But then again, my favorite shoes never are.

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