The Best Bag Deals for the Weekend of December 19


PurseForum Roundup – December 19


Happy Friday Before Christmas, Roundup readers! We want to wish all of our friends and PurseForum family a wonderful holiday season, no matter how you celebrate. This week, we made some quick stops on our journey through the decked halls of the PurseForum; we hope you enjoy our peeks at what our members have been up to.


We were all set to show you another tree from the Christmas Tree thread, but then we took a sharp right an ended up in Animalicious, where clever member bucha thought to start a Christmas Pictures of your Pets thread. As it turns out, nothing says Christmas like a brand new adopted baby hedgehog!

You can find more holiday cheer in the 2014 Secret Holiday Gift Exchange in the Beauty Bar, or you can do what we did and use the search feature to find a sleighful of holiday happenings.


What do you do when you are sent the wrong bag, but you think you might like it better than the right one? You ask your PurseForum friends for help, of course. We helped Laurenpop walk through this dilemma in Balenciaga this week–drop in to see how it all turned out.

Christy555 didn’t need any help with her teeny-tiny purchase; in suede, no less–definitely worth a peek. Chokmp picked up a new bag this week, too, and is having a little trouble taking the all-important step of actually using it. Stop in if you feel like lending a little moral support to this new bag mama.


PurseBlog regulars know we have mixed feelings about sample sales, but in Proenza Schouler this week, it was time for the die-hards who weathered the lines and crowds to show off their purchases. Liliane314 kicked if off nicely with this tweed beauty.


Vincent Ko revealed a very edgy PS bag this week and treated all of us to a chic modeling shot. We got a chance to weigh in on another keep-or-return question, too. If you love giving your opinion, jump in this thread before it’s too late


This is a great bag! Rashmi’s first Fendi is one of the more understated bags from this house, but it sure is a beauty. This muted red is perfect and so versatile.


We couldn’t resist sharing this perfect stocking stuffer from hiddencharms, what an adorable little bit this is! Also in Fendi, dont miss the classic zucca bag that chelleart accidentally purchased while shopping for others…oops!


Oh man…this hurts. We drop into the Jade Thread for the fascinating lessons in jade and also to learn the names of the bracelets. So, when this happens, its extra sad.MollyO’s bangle was technically agate, but that doesn’t make it any less hard to see. Also in the Jewelry Box, if you like Ippolita, or if you like cats, you are sure to love restricter’s sample sale haul.


We were trying to console ourselves over that broken bracelet and were happy to learn that MollyO is doing just fine in the pearl department, thanks to the brand new Pearl Thread. Share your lustrous pearls right here.

Well, Roundup readers, that does it for this week. We hope you have a Merry Christmas and a wonderful holiday season. We look forward to seeing you next Friday, so get those wrapping papers put away and those new purses propped up and photographed, we cant wait to see them! We wish you all of the joys of the season and will see you here next week!

Chanel Was Tumblr’s Most Popular Handbag Brand of 2014

Chanel Metiers d'Art Paris-Salzburg 2015 Bags 32

This won’t be shocking news to anyone who saw the results of both our handbag-themed March Madness and World Cup brackets (Chanel won both without much trouble), but the French brand has taken another Internet crown. Chanel was the most reblogged handbag brand on Tumblr and second most popular fashion brand overall, behind only Nike. Here’s why that’s not so surprising.

Chanel’s smartest move (at least for its current sales) may have been never debuting bags made of logo-covered canvas in the early 2000s, when such bags were a consumer goldmine. In recent years, brands that used that tactic to create a lower price entry point for aspirational customers have seen their sales fall off; not only do consumers not want those bags as much as they used to, but they’re increasingly less willing to pay for any bags from a brand that’s known for them. It can hurt a brand’s leather business by association.

While Chanel’s interlocking-C logo is well-known and has graced the exteriors of thousands of handbag designs, the slight restraint that the brand showed a decade ago, combined with Karl Lagerfeld’s strong sense for how fashion fits with the larger cultural zeitgeist, appears still to serve it well. Tumblr’s quick turnover of images is a great test of how young people perceive a brand overall, and it appears as though Chanel has done a better job of courting the young and aesthetically minded than many of its competitors. It doesn’t hurt that what probably springs to mind for those potential customers are luxury leather bags with a bit of branding instead of less expensive options with tons of it.

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Chanel Backpack From Spring/Summer 2014 Hits The Shelves In Paris

Spring is nearing us and so is the need to shop for the oncoming season. Chanel is calling out to all the chic divas with a super-trendy backpack from its 2014 Spring-Summer ready-to-wear collection. Backpacks are no longer identified as only an accessory for school or lugging around heavy stuff. High on comfort as well as function, this form of designer bag has made a comeback as the must have accessory of the season. Karl Lagerfeld has designed a backpack for Chanel that will add the hip-n-cool edge to a chic ensemble.

chanel_backpackRendering a personalized look to this latest bag style, Lagerfeld has specially designed it to appear slightly used with graffiti writing, tags, splashes of paint along with other details like scoubidous, snap hooks and luggage tags. The designer expresses his opinion about his latest creation, “There’s a certain lightness and a certain kind of humour in all this.”

chanel-colette-window-display-parisShaped out of high quality toile (linen canvas), Colette states that the backpack is produced in adherence with House traditions and requires several hours to complete. Raising the bar of exclusivity, even every motif was specially conceived and reproduced thanks to a specific printing procedure by Chanel. Why else would the brand sell the bag with pricey tags of $3,400 for regular size and $3,800 for larger version?

Along with the third shopper version, the Chanel backpack is available in three colors at Colette (213 Rue Saint Honoré, 75001 Paris) from February 24 to March 8. Colette is a designer clothing and accessory retailer located in Paris with 8,000 square feet of space on three floors. This uber-chic designer pack will also be available at Chanel, 31 rue Cambon, 75001 Paris. Time to channelize your savings and into Chanel’s Printed Toile and Leather Backpack!

For all those who missed the action on Fendi Fall/Winter 2014-15 fashion show, take a look at Karl Lagerfeld’s presence on the runway in form of a furry figurine!

Chanel’s New J12 Moonphase Watch: Inspired By The Moon

The new J12 Moonphase is the latest watch released by the popular luxury brand Chanel and a timepiece to die for, available exclusively in the 38mm wide size. Reinterpreting classic motifs and highlighting the preciousness of ceramic, Chanel unveils a watch that has been inspired by the phases of the moon and the night sky. The fresh look, the brand’s prestige and the (diamond) details transform a wrist accessory into an exclusive piece of jewellery.

“The new moonphase models come a decade after the release of the first J12. Designed by the brand’s late artistic director, Jacques Helleu, the watch was originally launched as a small collection of timepieces in high-tech black and white ceramic, and Chanel has stayed true to its monochrome roots with the new J12 Moonphase.” The watchmakers added for this new splendid J12 model a small dial which indicates the current phase of the moon: new moon, first quarter, full moon and last quarter. The Moonphase ceramic version is available in black or white, with or without a diamond bezel.  The version that comes with diamonds boasts a staggering price of $24, 300.


Chanel Sports Accessories

France’s iconic House of Chanel is certainly world-renowned for their wearable fashions. Why not be fashionable all of the time, on the ski slopes, basketball court, golf course, horseback or in the ocean? You can be with these Chanel sports accessories, as the fashion house presents these stylish products for jet-setters with an active lifestyle.

First, there’s the Chanel Football and Basketball by Karl Lagerfeld. They’re only available for $195, each, at select Chanel boutiques.


If winter sports are more your thing, you can’t go wrong with the Chanel Black Snowboard:


Or the Chanel River Raft (I bet Coco would’ve loved this)…


A Chanel dumbbell is certainly the chicest thing to lift:


For the tennis court, a Chanel tennis racket:


On the slopes, Chanel-stamped skis:


Even on horseback, look elegant with this leather Chanel riding whip:


And of course a Chanel riding helmet:


Jump into the ocean with any combination of the Chanel Surfboards:


Hitting the golf course? Bring along your lucky Chanel clubs:


For your adventures in the jungle, a Chanel boomerang might come in handy:


Lastly, for a sunny afternoon on the lawn, look elegant with this Chanel eight-person croquet set: